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Night Shift for iPhone IOS 9.3

IOS 9.3 has just started rolling out – one of the new features is designed to help you get a good nights sleep.
We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t use phones and computer screens before bed because the blue light will stop us from winding down towards sleep. Night Shift is designed to adjust those blue tones to warmer yellows, allowing us to enjoy our nightly FaceBook fix and still get a good nights sleep.

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Quick PC Tips

This is our list of Quick PC Tips – we’ll be adding to it regularly, so keep checking back for updates!

Most people already know about CTRL+C (Copy), CTRL+V (Paste) and CTRL+X (Cut), but there are lots of other Quick PC Tips out there to help you work smarter!

We’ll post each new tip on our Help Me Dave FaceBook and Google Plus pages – you can follow the pages to receive the next instalment – or maybe you can suggest a tip we haven’t thought of yet!

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Is Microsoft Sneaking Win 10 onto Your Computer?

Some people are having the Windows 10 upgrade pushed to their computers without them actually accepting it, so what’s going on?

Microsoft are treating the Win 10 Upgrade as a recommended update for people who reserved a copy.

If you reserved a copy of Windows 10 and your Windows Updates are set to automatically download and install Recommended updates then Microsoft are taking that as a green light to install the upgrade – and if your computer is not ready that can be a big problem.

If you aren’t ready for the Upgrade just yet we’d recommend that you check your Microsoft Updates status, and cancel your Win 10 reservation.
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Windows 10 – A WalkThrough by Jen (The non-Technical half of Help Me Dave)

I thought I’d have a play with one of the new Windows 10 machines and let people know how it feels for a regular Win 7 user to be dropped into the deep end of Win 10.

Dave loves new tech (and retro tech and any kind of tech) – which is great because he enjoys keeping up with anything his clients might throw at him. I tend to prefer the comforts of familiar formats and my PC is still running Win 7. The new “tiles” that Win 8 and Win 10 use are all new to me, and I waited until Dave left the house so I could explore without too many helpful tips (he lives to help me with new tech :))

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Win10‬ free upgrade – Deal or No Deal?

Microsoft are offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade for anyone who’s currently using Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1. The download will be available in Australia from 29th July 2015, but a lot of people are worried about whether it will be safe.

For the most part the answer is probably, maybe, with a few exceptions…

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The Death of XP – Do I really need to Upgrade XP?

A lot of people are starting to feel the pinch after XP’s expiry last year, so we thought we’d discuss what the expiry means and how it might affect you.

The extended support on WINXP finished on the 8th April 2014. Aside from not getting any more Microsoft updates… nothing much happened.

The problems are starting to mount up now, though, because XP users can’t get updates from any of their OTHER software packages.

What sort of problems will XP users encounter?

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SmartWatch Apple vs Pebble

Both Apple and Pebble will be releasing their new generation Smart Watches in the next few months, and for sheer James Bond coolness who wouldn’t want one?

For every kid who wanted to be a secret agent whispering mission objectives into their watch this is finally the real deal! Sure it’s cool, but can a grown up actually justify one as a business tool?

Some people might argue that the new watches are only doing a cut down version of what your phone is doing anyway, so why bother? But then – your phone can tell you the time too, so why would you wear a watch to check the time?

(No – really think about what’s convenient about a watch?)

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