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Night Shift for iPhone IOS 9.3

IOS 9.3 has just started rolling out – one of the new features is designed to help you get a good nights sleep.
We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t use phones and computer screens before bed because the blue light will stop us from winding down towards sleep. Night Shift is designed to adjust those blue tones to warmer yellows, allowing us to enjoy our nightly FaceBook fix and still get a good nights sleep.

Night Shift can be programmed to come on at a certain time at night (switching off the next morning), and you an adjust the strength of the effect with the “warmer…cooler” slider. It warns that it may effect the quality of some onscreen motion, but some people who’ve already tried it do feel that they had a better nights sleep using it.

How to switch on Night Shift on your iPhone

To Access Night Shift you will need to do the IOS 9.3 update. (If you don’t have a notification to update yet you can still grab it in Settings, General, Software Updates.)
Night Shift for iPhone IOS9.3
After that, go to Settings, Display and Brightness and choose Night Shift. You can switch Night Shift on manually every night (preferably close to sunset) or set up a scheduled time for it to start and end. Use the slider to adjust the colour as far as you are comfortable with – you can always turn it up a bit more later, once you are used to the new yellow tones.
Night Shift does have some problems working with Low Power Mode – there’s a handy video tutorial for getting them to work together on the 9-5 Mac site if you are interested 🙂
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