Facebook Phishing Scam

he he Heres the link…. a new FaceBook phishing scam to watch out for.

With this nasty little scam you receive a FaceBook post that looks like it came from your friend, but it actually comes from scammers who have already hacked your friends account and are now trying to get into yours.

Phishing is when you send an email pretending to be a trusted source (like a bank) but you are actually trying to trick people into giving you information like their account passwords.


This email has a link with text like “he he Heres the link”, or just a photo link to click on.  If you click the link you’ll see the photo, but then a little while later a FaceBook login screen pops up.

FaceBook Phishing Scam

The login screen looks real.. and we all have to re-enter passwords occasionally, so people assume it’s just one of those things and enter their password to get back to what they were doing. That screen actually sends your account details off to the phishing scammers, who can now hack YOUR account and send the same email to your other friends.

How can you tell if it’s a legitimate request for your password or a phishing scam?

To avoid being caught always check the website of the login page – if it isn’t www . facebook . com/ then it’s not legitimate.

Some sites will have long web addresses that include the word facebook somewhere in there, but if it’s not facebook. com then it’s not the real facebook login page.

If you think you may have given the phishers your FaceBook account details then you should change your password immediately.

Safe Computing 🙂


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