Dell Laptop Replace Hard Drive and Upgrade to Win10

Time to speed up a little Dell E6220 I5 laptop with a new SSD hard drive, then upgrade to windows 10 🙂

Should make this little laptop fly!


Speed up a laptop with a new SSD hard drive. Laptop Upgrade.

As with any computer upgrade the data gets transferred from the old hard drive to the new one so the only difference is the speed.

Upgrade your laptop computer to Win 10 with a new SSD hard drive

Upgrading to Win 10 improves the speed on most computers and laptops. Laptops also have a better battery life with Win 10.

If you’re a bit unsure about doing the Win 10 Upgrade yourself we can help. We always take a complete backup before any work, so you know that your data is safe.

If you want to add a little extra storage or backup capabilities to the laptop you can replace the DVD drive with a hard drive caddy.

Toshiba laptop hard drive caddy upgrade
Laptop Hard Drive Caddies can replace the DVD drive to add storage and backup capacity.