Cryptolocker Virus Targeting Zip Files

Backups vulnerable to the Cryptolocker Virus

The Cryptolocker Virus has just started encrypting zip files, which means your backups are now vulnerable 🙁

Up until last week if you had a backup you could recover your data without paying the ransom, but they’ve now started targeting peoples backups.

Rotating backups (where you swap the backup over every week) are now the best way to really keep your data safe. Unplugging the backup device in between backup sessions is also helpful.

Businesses should try to keep awareness high amongst the staff too – everyone gets stressed over Christmas and the virus mongers rely on people making silly mistakes when they see a speeding fine (or package delivery notice).

Remind everyone to stop and think –would the SDRO or Australia Post even HAVE my email address?

See our section on the Cryptolocker Virus if you’d like to know more about this new Ransomware virus.

Safe Computing,


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