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Warnings about the latest scams and viruses and information to help protect yourself.

Computer Virus

Fake Gas Bill Virus Email – Simple Energy

It appears the scammers are at it again, just watch any emails popping in to your inbox that have the subject line “Your Simply Energy eBill, for account 14948576”, do not open the attached word document -it has nasty macros that will take control and pinch your online banking passwords.

There have also been a few about claiming to be from St George Bank Auto Finance with zip files containing similar documents or in some cases malicious software that will also lock up your files, delete these emails as soon as you see them.

Keep safe out there!!


Thanks for letting us lock up your computer! Pay here to unlock it…

Thanks for letting us lock up your computer! Pay here to unlock it…

We had another client caught by a phone scam this week.

A woman called her, claiming to be from Microsoft and saying that the viruses on her computer were so bad that they were affecting the Microsoft network – and the client needs to clean them up immediately! Our client was a bit sceptical, and so the “Microsoft Rep” explained that if she didn’t do something about the viruses there “could be legal repercussions”.

Still feeling a bit unconvinced the “Microsoft Rep” then showed her how to check the event log file on her computer – horrifyingly it was full of row after row of red error events!
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Facebook Phishing Scam

he he Heres the link…. a new FaceBook phishing scam to watch out for.

With this nasty little scam you receive a FaceBook post that looks like it came from your friend, but it actually comes from scammers who have already hacked your friends account and are now trying to get into yours.

Phishing is when you send an email pretending to be a trusted source (like a bank) but you are actually trying to trick people into giving you information like their account passwords.


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