Tune Up’s for your Computer or Network

If your PC or network is running slowly it can be extremely frustrating – but the bottom line is that by reducing your staff’s productivity it IS costing you money!

There are often very simple and inexpensive Tune Up’s that can be done to speed up an individual computer or an entire network. We can help you identify where the bottle necks are, and make plans to improve the speed and efficiency of your IT systems.

Tune ups can be done as required, or as part of a regular maintenance contract.

Major Tune Up’s – for a big change.

Major Computer Tune Ups
Major Computer Tune Ups

Tune Up’s can include both software and hardware checks, depending on what your computer needs. From virus & malware removal, defragmenting and removing cookies to RAM upgrades and cooling system overhauls. For whole Network TuneUps we can also determine where your networks bottlenecks may be and advise how to speed up the entire system.

Small or Routine Tune Up’s

Routine Computer Tuneups
Routine Computer Tuneups

Small Tune-ups to keep things running at their best. Sometimes small Tune Up’s can make a big difference to your computers speed. Things like virus removal, defragmenting, a bit of extra RAM or de-dusting the internal components can add up to major improvements in useability.


 We can help you improve the speed of your network or computer.

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