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We live in Georges Hall ourselves, so for our neighbours also living in Georges Hall we waive our 1 hour minimum and only charge in half hour blocks.

You might be surprised how much Dave can get done in half an hour, especially if he knows dinner’s waiting around the corner at home 🙂

But seriously – he’s been running his own business fixing corporate networks for 10 years and he gets most home network problems sorted in under half an hour. For Georges Hall clients we have no travel time, so we don’t need to cover that expense with you.

Georges Hall Special :Home Users $50 per half an hour, half hour minimum

Other Home Users $100 per hour, 1 hour minimum

Some jobs (like virus removal) can take longer, and other jobs are faster, so its a good idea to have some extra questions like …. asking about backup solutions. (Please ask about backup solutions! We hate it when people lose their photos!)

Home Computer Help in Georges Hall

Georges Hall Special Computer Support
Home Office Computer Help

We can assist you onsite with networking (connecting all of your devices, printers etc), internet and wireless  setups, backup solutions, iPads, work from home solutions like remote desktop, childproofing advice and simple virus removals as well as any other computer related help you may need.

We also upgrade and repair laptops, PCs and Macs, or we can help you buy new if the repairs aren’t going to be cost effective. We get great industry discounts on computer parts, or you can buy them yourself and just have us help with the installation.

Difficult virus removals are often done at our workshop so we are not ‘on the clock’ while we wait for the computer to backup and run scans – you only get charged for ‘live time’ when we are actually working on the computer. We always focus on preserving data and photos, not just re-formatting the computer for a quick fix that leaves you with a blank computer, which is often the what ‘fixed rate’ virus repairers prefer to do.

We also see many clients who have had a hard drive fail (sometimes they even die of natural causes instead of coffee spills and bad falls). We can often help recover at least some data and photos and we have a great reputation for data recovery. We can replace the hard drive, transfer the saved data and offer advice about backup solutions for the future. Backing up doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Tune Ups – sometimes your computer is just not running right. There can be many reasons for a computer to be slowing down – viruses, hardware that’s getting old and starting to fail (backup before it dies!) or just the fact that newer software needs a bit more RAM. Cleaning up, defragmenting and removing cookies etc can also make a huge difference to speed.  We can help with all of that, and get your old PC, Mac or Laptop running at its best.

With over 25 years experience in IT, we can fix it. Fast.


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