Remote IT Services Sydney

Remote IT Services: $90 per hour charged in 30 minute blocks

We offer Remote IT Services for established customers only. (Once you’ve had a site visit and paid the bill you become a valued established customer).

Our Remote IT Services don’t get routed to a first level call centre in India – your call will go straight to Dave. We offer both phone and remote desktop solutions.

How much does it cost you to have your staff waiting for IT help?
Remote IT Support
Remote Computer Support

Fixing a problem by phone could involve talking you through some setting changes – which is especially helpful if it’s something you might be able to do yourself next time, like a software update or virus scan.

Of course the main advantage with Remote IT Services is that it can save you time – one phone call or remote session and your staff are back to work, and not waiting around for a technician who’s stuck in Sydney traffic…

With no travel time Remote IT Services are also more efficient for us,  so we’re also motivated to fix your problem by phone when we can. That’s why we can offer a reduced rate, and waive the 1 hour minimum for remote jobs.