Computer Maintenance Contracts

Unlike some cable TV providers, we don’t believe in charging clients for services that they don’t want or don’t need, so all of our computer maintenance agreements are individually negotiated around what services your business actually needs.

Let us know what you need and, as with all things, we’ll fit in with what’s best for your business.

Pay as You Go

Many small businesses have sporadic IT requirements, so a ‘pay as you go’ approach can be more economical than a maintenance agreement.

New clients with small offices usually find that they don’t need quite so many IT callouts once their networks have been properly stabilised and optimised.

In many offices it’s possible to set up a simple backup system that existing staff can be trained to use – and we have phone support available to walk them through until they feel confident on their own.

Computer Maintenance Contract Options

A range of services can be incorporated into a maintenance agreement including:

  • remote monitoring of server logs and backups
  • regularly scheduled visits for network maintenance, backups, updates or virus checks
  • prepaid discounted hours to be used as you need them

Help Me Dave can offer remote backup checks as part of a computer maintenance agreement.

Larger offices with servers and automatic backup systems may benefit from remote monitoring services (to ensure everything is still working as it should be), regular maintenance and tuneups on their servers or prepaid discounted hours because they know they’ll use them.

IT Maintenance Contracts Available
IT Maintenance Contracts Available
We can help with your IT needs, whether you’d like a Computer Maintenance Contract, or Pay as You Go IT Support.

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