Back to Base Computer Support

Back to Base Computer Support: $90 per hour charged in 30 minute blocks.

When we take your computer back to our office to work on we call it Back to Base Computer Support. Its very useful for jobs that may have a lot of scanning or data transfer time, because you are only charged for ‘live’ time spent working on the computer, and not for time spent waiting for a scan to finish.

We also have specialised equipment at the office for data recovery and backups. It’s our policy to always back data up before working on a computer – because we know that the data (emails, photos, client drawings and financial files) can be worth more to a business than the hardware itself.

Back to Base Computer Support can also be used for overnight or over-weekend work, to minimise the disruptions to your productivity. A planned upgrade, for example, could mean that we collect the computer on Friday afternoon and return it Monday morning.

Although we only charge for ‘live’ time in the workshop, we do need to charge for time spent picking up and dropping off your computer. Some customers choose to do that themselves to keep a project under budget. On weekends where we will be monitoring long scans we charge a 2 hour minimum, though we wouldn’t apply the ‘weekend minimum’ to a quick job that took half an hour start to finish.

Back to Base Computer Support
Back to Base Computer Support
We’ll always talk to you about what work will be involved in a job, and discuss the most efficient way to get the work completed.

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