Computer Security

Any business will pay for locks, security alarms and insurance to protect their premises, but what have you invested to protect the files on your computer?

Computer Security – how much is your data worth?

Your building insurance might buy you a new computer, but it cant replace your data – and that data represents hours (sometimes years) worth of work. Technical drawings, emails from clients, financial records – you know what’s there. Sure, some of it is probably old, and some of it you can probably get by without – but how much of it would you have to replace?

How much would you have to pay someone to find and re-enter that data?

How much will it hurt your business:

  •  If you don’t have the customers original email to prove you gave them what they asked for?
  • If your staff are falling behind with current jobs while trying to re-enter old financial records?
  • If you don’t know which bills have been paid?
  • If you have to start from scratch on the project that’s due next week?

Ok – that’s how much your data is worth.

Your computer data is a business asset.


How can you protect your data?


Backup – Data Security

Data Security - When was your last Backup?
Data Security – When was your last Backup?

Good Backup Solutions protect the investment you’ve made in your Computer Data. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be tailored for your business.



Virus Protection and Removal

Computer Security - Virus Protection, Removal and Recovery
Virus Protection, Removal and Recovery

Some viruses will just slow down your computer, reducing your employees productivity. Some try to give hackers access to your banking passwords or client information. Viruses that want to use your computer to send out spam email can get you DNS blacklisted – where your email host refuses to let you use email until you have cleaned up your network. A few viruses can destroy your data – Cryptolocker introduced the concept of encrypting your data and then making you pay a ransom to get it back. Learn more about protecting yourself from viruses, and recovering from an attack.


Network Integrity

Computer Security: Network Integrity
Computer Network Integrity

Your network should be safe from outside access or interference – from your neighbour using your wireless internet to hackers accessing confidential information we can help you keep your network secure.


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