Computer Hardware

Because we work with computers all the time, we keep up to date with the latest computer hardware (and other fun technology). We know which brands are reliable, what kinds of hardware and software solutions are around and how they will work together in your business.

We’ve spent years developing relationships with suppliers who value our business, so we get great discounts and excellent service when we buy from them.

Help Me Dave treats every business as an individual because every client has different needs. So when it comes time to buy new computer hardware we will sit down with you and offer suggestions to fit your current network, your business size and your budget. Often we can buy that hardware cheaper for you through our industry contacts, but we’re quite happy for you to pick up your own hardware if you prefer.

Because we are not a computer shop we don’t have any preferences about which hardware you buy – there’s no stock sitting out the back that we need to get rid of. If we recommend a brand, it’s because that’s the brand we’ve had the best results with for our other customers.

We can recommend, source and install any computer hardware or technology you need from servers to printers, laptops, Macs and PC’s, tablets and phones.


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If you’d like to talk about some new computer hardware, give Dave a call on:

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