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SmartWatch Apple vs Pebble

Both Apple and Pebble will be releasing their new generation Smart Watches in the next few months, and for sheer James Bond coolness who wouldn’t want one?

For every kid who wanted to be a secret agent whispering mission objectives into their watch this is finally the real deal! Sure it’s cool, but can a grown up actually justify one as a business tool?

Some people might argue that the new watches are only doing a cut down version of what your phone is doing anyway, so why bother? But then – your phone can tell you the time too, so why would you wear a watch to check the time?

(No – really think about what’s convenient about a watch?)

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NAS drives can replace file servers for small businesses.

NAS Drive for Network Storage and file sharing
NAS Drives

The speed, affordability and storage capacity on NAS Drives these days make them a viable alternative to a file server for a home office or small businesses who need document storage and sharing ability without the other bells and whistles offered by a full server.

With NAS drives priced as low as $250, up to $1,000 for 4x4TB hard drives they can allow multiple users to access shared documents as fast as a file server. They allow RAID redundancy – this means you can have 2 hard drives storing the same data so that if one hard drive dies your data is still safe. Continue reading NAS drives can replace file servers for small businesses.